Salmaan Peerzada


Salmaan Peerzada is an actor, director and writer. Peerzada was born in Pakistan, moving to England in the early 1960s. Initially he worked as a technician and an actor in the British film industry. His breakthrough as an actor came when he became the first actor with a non-British background to get a role as a doctor in a hospital series. This was followed by projects with well-known directors for films such as “Twisted Nerve” (1968) and “A Private Enterprise” (1974). In the late 1970s Peerzada returned to Pakistan, where he established the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, an organisation committed to the theatre landscape in Pakistan, with a special focus on working with youth. At the same time he worked on his first own film “Blood of Hussain” (1980), which raised a great deal of controversy and was ultimately banned by the state. Salmaan Peerzada continues to make successful films, both as a director and as an actor. Current projects are the documentary „The Golden Calf – A mystic Journey“ an Edgar Allen Poe adaption „The Tell-Tale Heart“.