Sangatsu is a Japanese instrumental band from Tokyo. They debuted with the album “Sangetsu” producedby Jim O'Rourke. Toshiki Okada and his company chelfitsch have been collaborating with the group since the production “Five Days in March” (2006). Sangatsu were also responsible for the music in “Current Location” and “Groundand Floor”. In addition, the group has appeared in the context of dance shows and other performance formats. The musicians also founded the open platform “Catch and Throw”, which is an experimental form dedicated to exchanging sounds between various partners, without having any finished musical format as a goal.Since the band has recently become interested in process-oriented forms of production, they create “recipes” for songs, which are freely available on the internet and open for anyone to “catch”. In 2012 Sangatsu renounced copyright and since then has been publishing all their own works under the “Creative Commons License”.

Since their founding 17 years ago, Sangatsu has rehearsed every Sunday, without ever missing a date.  

27.05.2014  Concert/ HAU1