Srećko Horvat


Srećko Horvat (*1983 in Croatia) is a central figure in the European new left. He is particularly known in German-speaking countries for his 2013 volume of interviews, “Nach dem Ende der Geschichte”, in which some of the most influential intellectuals of our time–including Francis Fukuyama, Slavoj Žižek and Gayatri Spivak–address topics such as Occupy Wall Street, the Chinese model of capitalism and postcolonialism. In 2008, together with Nikola Devčić and Dora Baras, Horvat co-founded the Subversive Festival, which takes place every year in Zagreb. In 2013 he published the book “What Does Europe Want? The Union and Its Discontents” with Slavoj Žižek, and has just published “The Radicality of Love” with Polity Press. Horvat teaches philosophy at the University of Zagreb. At HAU Hebbel am Ufer he took part in the discussion “The Aesthetics of Resistance” in March 2015 with Boris Buden, Oliver Frljić und Borka Pavićević.