Takuya Murakawa




Takuya Murakawa is a director, born in the prefecture of Shiga in 1982. He graduated from the Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2005. Murakawa was an assistant director with the Japanese group Chiten until 2009. Since then he has served as director for numerous theatre works and documentary films. His play “Zeitgeber”, which documents the everyday life of a severely disabled person and his caretaker, won the “GeisouCONNENT Vol. 5 Prize 2012”. In the same year Murakawa worked on a documentary film entitled “Oki he” (To the Open Sea), which thematizes the realities of life in the areas affected by the tsunami after March 11, 2011. His most recent works include “Kotoba” (Words), which was premiered at Festival/Tokyo in 2012, and “Rashomon”, “Debris” and “Everett Lines”, all of which were produced in 2013. He is presenting his work for the first time in Europe in the festival “Japan Syndrome”. 

22./ 23./ 24.05.2014 / “Zeitgeber“/ HAU3