The Nielsen Movement



The Nielsen Movement rose in 2012 from the ashes of the enterprise Das Beckwerk. Das Beckwerk (2002-2011) was a trans-global enterprise working inside and outside Europe and often in states of emergency like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, the U.S. and Egypt. Das Beckwerk produced a.o. stage performances, exhibitions, novels, concerts, film, operas, revolutions and other historical events. Stories about the common man and his heroic attempt to influence the creation of world history. The Nielsen Movement is turning the direction of the work into the no mans land of art, life and production beyond gender, age and identities. Among the main movements in The Movement are The Theatre of the Medium and the band The Nielsen Sisters.


In 2001, the Danish author, performer and human being Claus Beck-Nielsen was declared dead. In 2002, the enterprise Das Beckwerk was created, and the nameless body left behind by Claus Beck-Nielsen was employed as a subject for experiments. For 10 years he, she or it lived as a nameless body, a being beyond identity. In 2012 the body was renamed Nielsen and became a part of The Nielsen Movement. Nielsen is a.o. a novelist, playwright, performer, artist and stage director. Nielsen is no man, but neither is she a woman. Maybe Nielsen is just a human being.