Wunderbaum is a group of Dutch-Flemish actors who work collectively, and who developed its first collective works with Johan Simons’ Theaterkompanie ZT Hollandia. They collaborate with a designer, a dramaturge, musicians, writers, photographers and film producers. The way they work is chameleonic; it can take on many shapes. It is inspired by the energy that is released between their personalities and the outer world, our society. The performances contain references to topical political matters, but also and more importantly, to social mechanisms that show how negotiations take place about various, often conflicting interests. They try to visualise the way of thinking of characters that play a part in the shaping of a community. Their last productions “The haunted house of history”, “Flow my tears”, “Detroit Dealers”, “Camp Jesus” and “Beertourist” were performed all over Europe in 2012, amongst others at the Holland Festival Amsterdam, the Theaterfestival Boulevard Den Bosch and the Distinctively Dutch Festival Pittsburgh. At HAU Hebbel am Ufer Wunderbaum presented 2012 “Visions out of nothing” am 2013 “The New Forest: The Beginning”.