26.10.–6.11.2022 / HAU3, HAU4

Play the Past

A Gaming Focus

With machina eX, The Mycological Twist and Melanie Eilert

Games create a multitude of worlds. HAU is bringing together three different game projects that connect the past to the present day. They create scenes where the players playfully learn something both about socio-historical developments as well as make decisions about the course of events on their own or in groups. Games thus become source of inspiration and media for discourse. The experienced game developers from machina eX who have produced at the HAU for many years and the artist duo The Mycological Twist, who combine ecological and social practices with digital culture, will examine the artistic potential of games together with the audience in HAU3. In addition, the games expert Melanie Eilert recommends “Through the Darkest of Times” by the renowned Berlin-based indie studio Paintbucket for those at home, a historical strategy game about the resistance against National Socialism that she subjects to an accessibility test – to be experienced on HAU4.