For Everyone

Whether you're a regular guest or coming to HAU for the first time, you are welcome to take part. What do theater and performance have to do with you, or with us? How can the topics you care about find a place at HAU? What seems familiar, and what doesn't? And what is an international production house, anyway?

Through various formats and cooperative projects we – artists and audiences, the HAU team, neighbors and many others – are coming together to exchange ideas. In doing so, we test and apply the means of art: critical gazes, frameworks, rules of the game, changes in perspective.

Here's an overview of everything on offer.

HAU to talk

We are happy to organize introductions and talks before or after the performances for groups (schools, seminars, associations, initiatives, etc.) that request them. These are tailored to the group's interests. We offer the space for questions, impressions and reflection, giving insight into HAU's programme and the artists' work while talking about the respective production's concepts and content.

Artist Talks

After select performances, there are regularly scheduled talks with artists and experts, touching on aspects of the performance and welcoming the audience to join the conversation. These are announced in the program, and admission is free.


On request, we offer workshops that are tailored to the form and content of the artistic works, providing space to exchange ideas, ask questions and try things out with a hands-on approach. Based on each group's particular interests, these workshops are are longer and more intensive than the talks, extending beyond the scope of just one performance.

scHAU rein!

As a point of entry to our programme, we offer interactive guided tours that provide insight on the stage equipment, architecture and history of HAU Hebbel am Ufer.

Got your own idea? Let's connect!