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Intensive workshop 26.2.-2.3. / 15:00-16:30

Patrick Rump
Evidenzbasierte Sportwissenschaft für Tänzer / HAU 3 Houseclub / Level: Advanced & Professional / 50,00 €
Limited capacity / Registration starting 15.1.2018 via

The sports scientist Patrick Rump offers a five-day intensive workshop for dancers, illustrating the benefits of a scientific approach to training at all stages of a dancer’s career. He introduces a variety of concepts in a practical context, showing concrete examples of the three core strands of sports science – prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. Participants will see results in a very short space of time and will learn strategies for integrating these methods of training into their own lives.


Professional Training daily 10-11:30am

Limited capacity / Registration starting 15.1.2018 via / admission free
Christopher Matt   
Classical Organic Movement Flow (Classical Ballet) / 28.2. / HAU 3 Studio 1

Christopher Matt’s ballet class follows the rules of classical training with a distinct interpretation of what works for the individual dancer. His training has an organic flow with ample connection to the floor and generous movement through space. Passionate about his work, he enjoys playing with combinations and music.

Stella Zannou       
Staying Tuned (Contemporary Dance) / 1.3. / HAU 3 Studio 1

This is a technical class of physical contemporary dance that demands your full presence and awareness, encouraging, though, the group feeling and sensitivity, through an improvisational playful system.

Michael Rolnick
Equal Weight (Classical Ballet) / 2.3. / HAU 3 Studio 1

The class starts with a first position barre, inspired by the teaching of Margaret Black and Tina Bernal, using the principal of standing with equal weight on both legs. Short sequences build step-by-step to enable ease and speed of articulation. By the centre we are stable on our feet and able to move with daring, balance and an elongated grace.

Georg Reischl   
Exploring Movement Principles (Contemporary Dance) / 3.3. / HAU 3 Studio 1

The training deals with the body in space and time and includes exercises designed to foster participants’ awareness of their own bodies, coordination, and personal interpretations. In addition to highly concrete concentration exercises, the training includes scene sequences and group exercises. I am searching to create an atmosphere to explore the understanding of movement principles.

Georg Reischl   
Uplifting Approach (Classical Ballet) / 4.3. / HAU 3 Studio 1

A joyful approach to something complex and technical. In his class class Georg Reischl is trying to do exactly that. He offers a class that is focused on movement, dynamics and “Epaulement” but also on decision-making, performance, and pure joy of dancing.

Workshops daily noon-2:30pm

Limited capacity / Registration starts 15.1.2018 via
12,00 € / 3 Workshops for 30,00 €

Charlotta Öfverholm
Modern Moves and Physical Theatre / 28.2. / HAU 3 Studio 1 / Level: Advanced & Professional

Charlotta Öfverholm’s is informed by her background both as a highly techniqual dancer and as an actress and former DV8 Physical Theatre member. The focus is on both moving big in space as well as being grounded to the floor and in one’s centre. A physical and techniqual warm up with both floor work and barre is followed by choreographic phrases and variations, where the dynamic changes from power to more lyrical movements.

Evangelos Poulinas           
Contemporary Moves / 1.3. / HAU 3 Studio 1 / Level: Open

In this workshop with Evangelos Poulinas you will get a taste of what contemporary dance can be. We are using ideas and practices from various contemporary dance techniques to form a well-rounded dance training. Movement tasks will be given as a vocabulary in order to create different phrases and structures, along with the exploration of improvisation – all of which we can later use to 'perform'. We will explore themes such as dancing in a group, dancing as a couple and dancing alone. This workshop is open to all ages and to beginners; no dance background is necessary. You only need to be open to explore movement ideas and to find interest and enjoyment through the process.

Johannes Wieland               
the invincible loser special / 2.3. / HAU 3 Studio 1 / Level: Advanced & Professional

Prerecorded audio files provide the starting point for this workshop. They will be interpreted and explored for their performative potentials through task-based exercises. How does movement change the meaning of a text? How does reorientation? Or time lapse? The workshop is open-ended and proposes a variety of tools that can be freely combined. For people with a talent for improvisation and interest in working across disciplines and genres.

Matteo Fargion                   
Crossing the Stage and Other Scores / 3.3. / HAU 3 Studio 1 / Level: Advanced & Professional

A composition workshop focussing on what happens when ideas and techniques which come primarily from music are translated into movement. The session will consist of short task-based exercises, often using extreme reduction of possibilities to stimulate the imagination. Questions about how to find material, how to keep something going, what makes a strong or a weak change and other compositional ‘problemsʼ will be discussed.

Ami Shulman                   
Reclaiming the Self through the Lens of the Feldenkrais Method / 4.3. / HAU 3 Studio 1 / Level: Open

Ami Shulman’s workshop will expose the limiting habitual ways that form the foundations of both our unconscious movement patterns as well as our unconscious thinking patterns and how this impacts the ways in which we relate to the world. Through guided, gentle movement explorations and games of observation, it will reveal our intricate tendencies and offer us new possibilities through which we can reclaim freedom of choice in both our thinking and our action.


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    Mon 26.2.2018, 15:00 / HAU3
    Wed 28.2.2018, 10:00 / HAU3
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    Thu 1.3.2018, 10:00 / HAU3
    Thu 1.3.2018, 12:00 / HAU3
    Fri 2.3.2018, 10:00 / HAU3
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