Michael Turinsky

heteronomous male & my body, your pleasure

Part of "NO LIMITS"



Heteronomous is the opposite of autonomous, i.e. of being independent and free. In his solo “heteronomous male” the physically disabled Viennese choreographer, dancer and philosopher Michael Turinsky fluctuates just as unfreely between the situation of a child and the state of a grown-up man, between helplessness and eros, the logics of a disabled body and the laws of society and choreography. This latest piece is his third to date. Employing seriousness and irony, this extraordinary choreographer examines both sensuously and intellectually the foundations and identities of that dangerous territory he treads as a disabled man and dancer.

In his group piece “my body, your pleasure” he transfers his own vocabulary of movement, which is specific to his disability, to four non-physically disabled dancers. Together they investigate the inevitably rocky relationship between my body and your desire. Traditional ties break down, and everything potentially gets connected up with everything again: queer rap, disabled corporality, ghetto aesthetics… a potentially jolty remix, but all the more subversive, which not least deterritorializes the sex appeal of wobbling.

"my body, your pleasure": Kindly supported by MA 7 Kultur and sol, produced in cooperation with MAD.

"heteronomous male": Kindly supported by TANZ*HOTEL, M.A.P. Vienna and MA 7 Kultur.


Chorografie, Tanz, Bühne, Text: Michael Turinsky / Musik: Ben Frost / Kostüm: Devi Saha / Produktion: Elisabeth Drucker / Konzept / Choreografische Leitung: Michael Turinsky / Choregrafie / Performance: Alja Ferjan, Leon Maric, Raphael Michon, Manaho Shimokawa, Michael Turinsky / Bühne: Lena Winkler-Hermaden / Kostüm: Hanna Hollmann / Licht: Veronika Mayerböck / Dank an: Georg Blaschke, Bert Gstettner, Chris Haring, Roman Harrer, Liz King, Elisabeth Löffler, Julia Mach, Vera Rebl, Guido Reimitz, Christine Schatz, Cornelia Scheuer, Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Teresa Vittucci, Cornelia Voglmayr


  • Past
    Sat 7.11.2015, 20:00 / HAU3
    Sun 8.11.2015, 17:00 / HAU3


Tempelhofer Ufer 10, 10963 Berlin

Access by means of a stairwell (3rd floor). Use of lift possible by prior arrangement.

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