HAU Publication No. 14

Projeto Brasil / The Sky Is Already Falling

The images of Brazilian protests against the Football World Cup in June 2013 seemed to mark a new beginning for an increasing critique of the holders of political power. Although a quarter of the Brazilian population has risen to the middle class under the government of the Worker’s Party of Lula and Dilma Rousseff, social inequality is still growing. But hardly any thought was given to ecological resources and indigenous ways of living. The clearance of the rain forest – closely connected to European companies and markets – clearly shows our involvement in Brazilian politics.
For the festival "Projeto Brasil / The Sky Is Already Falling", HAU Hebbel am Ufer – in collaboration with five other producing institutions – invites artists to share their views on the current situation in their home country. With dance, theatre, music and dialogue, “Projeto Brasil” shows another Brazil beyond samba, Copacabana, football, and caipirinhas.

A publication by HAU Hebbel am Ufer for the Festival "The Sky Is Already Falling" (7.–19.6.2016 / HAU1, HAU2, HAU3). With a conversation between Lia Rodrigues and Nayse Lopéz, texts by Ian Steinman and Rodrigo Nunes, a blog entry by, and illustrations by the artist Paulo Nazareth


“The Sky Is Already Falling” Ricardo Carmona and Annemie Vanackere

“We’re dancing for people who can’t dance themselves.”
Lia Rodrigues in a conversation with Nayse Lopéz

“Story of a Disaster Foretold” by Ian Steinman

“Brazil in a Bind” by Rodrigo Nunes

“Black Women of Brazil” by

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