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Christiane Rösinger / HAU | Planet Egalia – A feminist ballad opera

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Four people on stage, including Christiane Rösinger: three are sitting on bar stools, one standing person has a tea kettle in his hand.
Several people are standing on a stage, their attention is directed towards a person standing somewhat in the foreground, who is holding a pair of trousers in his hand from which a sock is sticking out, reminiscent of an erect penis. Two people on the far right of the picture are holding a silver one and a six as a balloon.
Three people sit in the foreground at the edge of the stage and talk. In the background, two people sit on the floor, behind them the ancient Greek-looking paper figures are visible.
Five people on stage, three in the foreground, two in the second row. The person in the middle walks towards the camera wearing a long, glittery dress. There are many confettis on the stage.
Several people are in motion on the stage in colourful light and the air is full of confetti.