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“Together We Burn the Fear!”*

Alliances against capitalist-patriarchal violence

In response to neoliberal, extractivist and macho violence, a multitude of resistance movements have been forming in Latin America in the last few years. In doing so, militant protests against social injustice and land grabbing have connected with feminist movements against femicide and sexualised violence and highlight the political relationships between these different forms of violence. As a continuation of HAU's examination of feminist visions of a post-patriarchal society, the productions “How To Turn Stone” by Manuela Infante and “Resistance” by LASTESIS, which already had a workshop at HAU in March of 2020, will be presented. In addition, on the occasion of the recent publication of Rita Segato’s book “Contra-pedagogías de la crueldad” in German (“Wider die Grausamkeit”), a panel discussion will be held: Segato, professor of Anthropology, talks about “pedagogies of cruelty” and discusses alliances of resistance in Latin America and the possible lessons for Europe which can result from this with the performance collective LASTESIS, philosopher Eva von Redecker and journalist Carolin Wiedemann.


Photo © Annemie Vanackere

Supported within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. The panel discussion is a cooperation between HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung and Mandelbaum Verlag.