CTM 2013 – The Golden Age

Festival for Adventurous Music and Arts

For the third time now "CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music and Art" will be a guest at HAU with an extensive program. 

To start off the festival, Matmos will present their new album "The Marriage of True Minds" on January 28, while AtomTM will attempt to rewrite its own archive in a performance lasting several hours with its “Ambient” live project alpha.txt. in HAU2. Students from Carsten Nicolai’s class for “Art and Audio” at Frankfurt’s Städelschule will bring music to WAU. Myrninerest, the latest artistic hallucination by David Tibet, head of the post-industrial band Current 93, will bring their debut album "‘Jhonn,’ Uttered Babylon" on stage on January 29. It is about Tibet’s friendship with Jhonn Balance, the co-founder of the experimental music group Coil, who died in 2004. The artist and transgender activist Terre Thaemlitz will perform on January 30 with “Soulessness,” a complex of works that proposes spirituality as a matrix of essentialist identity positions while at the same time criticizing the socio-economic conditions of the music industry. Pantha du Prince, one of the leading exponents of a sensibilistic and aesthetically sophisticated Shoegazer-Techno, together with The Bell Laboratory, an ensemble of classically trained percussionists, will perform a symphony for electronics and percussion instruments on January 31. The sonic center of this symphony is formed by a heavy bell carillon with 64 bronze bells. On January 31, the CTM.13 will be dedicated to a portrait of the pioneer of strictly reductionist, repetitive, sonorous music, Ernstalbrecht Stiebler.