International Theatre festival Berlin / guest event at HAU

NO LIMITS is back! For its sixth edition, over 200 European and overseas artists with and without disabilities will present theatre, dance, performances and concerts from the margins of society and beyond our usual perception of the world.

Currently, disabled artists are also receiving attention in established fields of the arts and were recently even represented at the Berliner Theatertreffen and the Biennale in Venice. To assume, however, that this means that they have now "made it" in the mainstream art world would be a misconception of the social reality. However, the question of how the long-term inclusion of disabled people in different artistic fields can succeed remains a highly experimental one, which is currently being debated with the help of extremely varying philosophies and approaches. NO LIMITS festival seeks to represent them in their plurality, from attempts to democratise artistic expression per se to an explicit “disability aesthetics” (Tobin Siebers), from “Disability Arts” as an instrument in disability politics to increasingly prolific adaptations of prevalent drama conventions; from celebrations of imperfection, the breaking of rules and madness to the research of a “third language”. Established “integrative” theatre workshops continue to joyfully adapt the great works of dramatic literature, while other groups are currently taking a closer look at the performers themselves, their worldview and living conditions. More and more ensembles are now disability-inclusive from the start, which leads to breathtakingly natural forms of collaboration.

With artists like Clara Andermatt, Saša Asentić, Panaibra Gabriel Canda, Rui Horta, Rimini Protokoll and the Belgian collective Tibaldus, a significant number of artists from the regular drama scene are participating with work that has gained a whole new dimension as a result of working with disabled performers. In addition, an unusually high number of younger directors are going to bring new and different views on art and disability to the table. Workshops, panel discussions, an international symposium, parties and a many more events will top the festival off. Join us for the eleven exciting days of the festival!