Astrid Endruweit


Astrid Endruweit, originally trained in Butoh, made her first appearance on the stage with “Pigg In Hell” (2000), a solo directed by Michael Laub. Since then she has been performing with Remote Control Productions on various pieces, contributing text, songs, costumes, videos and choreography. Over the years she developed a creatively eclectic working method, assembling the practices of martial arts, Japanese dance, overtone singing, visual arts, film and more. Besides having her own portrait made by Michael Laub “Alone” (2004), she has been the dramaturge of his “Portrait Series” since 2007, to which she added a number of intimate video portraits. Collaborations with other performers and directors include Chris Kondek, Meg Stuart, animation film makers Krebitz&Keitz, puppeteer Susi Claus and oboist Antje Thierbach. Her often distinctive imagery and intense yet humorous enactments have led in 2009 to the installment of a six-channel-video installation called “Frau mit Kuchen – The fear of dying without having given birth”, Part 2 of which is currently in production.