Joana Tischkau


Joana Tischkau dances. One of her first memories of that is the moment she started dancing along to Kaoma's hit “Lambada” at a children's birthday party. This experience prompted her to sign up for jazz and street dance at the dance school next door, where she also learned her favorite moves from music videos. She later studied dance and acting at Coventry University in the UK and choreography and performance at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies. Her artistic practice is a messy hybrid where the writing of bell hooks meets beatboxing, typical white movements are used to create a workout routine and homage is paid to Roberto Blanco as the king of Black German entertainment. Her master's degree production “Playblack” was presented in 2019 as part of “Alles ist Material: 20 Years of ‘Postdramatic Theatre’” at HAU. This was followed in 2020 by the “Deutsche Museum für Schwarze Unterhaltung und Black Music” (German Museum for Black Entertainment and Black Music), a temporary exhibition with Anta Helena Recke, Elisabeth Hampe and Frieder Blume.