Philippe Quesne


Philippe Quesne studied fine arts, visual design, and stage design in Paris. After having worked as a stage designer for various theatre and opera houses, he realized numerous further projects and opened spaces for performances, concerts, and exhibitions. In 2003, he founded Vivarium Studio. In productions like “La démangeaison des ailes” (2003), “L’Effet de Serge” (2007), and “La mélancolie des Dragons” (2008), he combines scenography with visual art and performance. His pieces are shown on international stages. Since 2014, he has been artistic director at the Nanterre-Amandiers theatre. In his work, Quesne creates spaces that function like ecosystems, where the performers explore the dynamics within a community. In 2016, Quesne directed “Caspar Western Friedrich” for Kammerspiele in Munich. He has been a regular guest at HAU for many years. During his most recent visit in 2015, he showed his widely successful production “La mélancolie de dragons.”