Philippe Quesne


 Part of "Spirits, Jinns & Avatars”


French / With German subtitles / With English subtitles / 55 mins.

Photograph of a stage on which numerous upright pianos have an open case so that the hammer mechanism is free. Human skeletons hover above them. The foggy room makes the lighting appear dramatic.
Photograph of a stage on which numerous upright pianos have an open case so that the hammer mechanism is free. Human skeletons hover above them.
Photograph of pianos on stage, some of them erupting in fire.

For this magical and eerie evening, Philippe Quesne orchestrates an actorless theater. The protagonists are flying skeletons, whispering voices, and lone pianos on which choruses of the dead resound. A fantastic world that brings the centuries-old magic of the laterna magica onto the stage.

The event on 2.3. can be combined with the concert by Mazaher.


Concept, direction, staging: Philippe Quesne / Music: Pierre Desprat / Light design: Nico de Rooij / Artistic collaboration: Élodie Dauguet / Dramaturgical collaboration: Éric Vautrin / Direction: Marc Chevillon / Assistance: Fleur Bernet / Animation 3D: Bertran Suris, Philippe Granier / Voices: Isabelle Prim, Èlg, Pierre Desprats / Stage design: Atelier du Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne / Video: Mattias Schnyder / Sound: Ludovic Guglielmazzi / Stage: Fabio Gaggetta / Lighting: Farid Deghou / Stage Management: Quentin Brichet Éric Vautrin / Props: Mathieu Dorsaz / Production: Elizabeth Gay / Stage (HAU): Michael Bauer, Jachya Freeth, Jan Hoffmann, Şenol Şentürk, Sujin Choi / Lighting (HAU): Klaus Dust, Fabian Boldt, Max Wegner, Luise Grarff, Josephine Mielke / Sound (HAU): Frieder Naumann, Lukas Hamm, Anna Cackett / Video (HAU): Bodo Gottschalk, Julia Cremers / Internship (HAU): Hendrik Voigt

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  • Past
    German premiere
    Thu 2.3.2023, 19:00 / HAU2
    Fri 3.3.2023, 19:00 / HAU2


Production: Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, Vivarium Studio. Co-production: Bonlieu, Scène nationale Annecy, Les Spectacles vivants, Centre Pompidou, Festival d’Automne à Paris, La Rose des vents, Scène nationale Lille Métropole Villeneuve d’Ascq. Supported by: Fondation d’entreprise Hermès as part of New Settings.


Hallesches Ufer 34, 10963 Berlin

Wheelchair users are kindly requested to register their attendance at least one day before the performance. Thank you for your understanding. If you need help, please contact our Ticketing & Service team at +49 (0)30 259004-27 or send us an email to

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