Showcase Beat Le Mot


The four-person performance collective Showcase Beat Le Mot was founded in 1997 from out of the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. Since then the group has been active in various artistic fields alongside theatre, including music, TV, music videos, visual arts, literature, scholarship, and event organizing, making them one of the internationally relevant performance theatre groups in the contemporary scene. In their productions they have celebrated the life of pirates (“Piraten!”, 2003, “EUROPIRAADID”, 2006), sent a solitary shogun on a bloody crusade through mythical Japan in their manga series “Gomune” (2003/2004) or brought the zombies of art history come back to life (“Vote Zombie Andy Beuyz”, 2008). These outsider fantasies underhandedly also always narrate the life of an independent theatre group that is trying to elude the rules of the state theatre apparatus. They tell of striving for self-determination, for collective decision-making and non-hierarchical working processes – and of the joy to be had in unconventional forms of action and expression. Since 2007 Showcase Beat Le Mot has also been working for the Theater an der Parkaue in Berlin, which specialises in children’s and young people’s theatre. The production “Der Räuber Hotzenplotz” was invited to the “Augenblick mal!” Children’s and Young people’s Theatre Festival in 2009, and received the Goethe-Institut Prize at the 2007 Impulse Independent Theatre Festival.