Veit Sprenger



Theatre maker, author and producer, studied music in Hanover, medicine in Frankfurt a.M. and applied theatre science in Gießen. He is a founding member of the theatre group Showcase Beat Le Mot, with which he has been developing plays, performances, art actions and music videos since 1998. To date he has produced more than forty plays, which have been performed in 16 countries. He was a member of the artistic management team for the festival artgenda for young art in the Baltic Sea region and of the selection and award juries for the theatre festivals unart, Impulse and Westwind. He has taught at universities in Berlin, Hamburg, Lübeck, Gießen, Zurich, Cologne, Oslo, Beijing, Athens/Ohio, New York, Stuttgart and Bern. In 2005 he published his book "Despoten auf der Bühne" (Despots on stage). Since 2007 he has regularly worked with Showcase Beat Le Mot in the field of children's and youth theatre, among others with the award-winning productions "Der Räuber Hotzenplotz" (Goethe Prize 2007) and "Animal Farm" (JugendStücke Prize 2014). 

As part of

Berlin Mondiale Veit Sprenger developed artistic workshops.