Wojtek Ziemilski


Wojtek Ziemilski – theatre director, visual artist. His works cross art forms, rooting in diversity of performative arts. His shows explore the possibilities of documentary theatre – “Small Narration” (Teatr Studio in Warsaw), „Prologue” (Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne festival and Teatr Ochoty), “High Noon” (Teatr Dramatyczny in Wałbrzych), “Rozdrazew: the Cosmic Show” (Wielkopolska: Revolutions), “Pygmalion” (Centrum Kultury Zamek in Poznan, komuna//warszawa). He often works with non-professional actors (e.g. “Muranów 2014” at the Polin Museum in Warsaw, “One Gesture” at Nowy Teatr). Ziemilski is the founder of the XS Arts Center´and co-creator of the Golgota Picnic Polska movement as well as a collaborator of the BWA Warszawa gallery. Ziemilski teaches new trends of theatre experiment at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw and Warsaw University.