NewfrontEars for HAU4

Films & Loops

NewfrontEars is an artist duo working and living in the UK and Berlin, creating music videos, video installations and durational performances. They have already been working with the HAU for years: for example, they designed the spaces and façades for the festival “The Aesthetics of Resistance: Peter Weiss 100” (2016) and were responsible for the theatre's print and online campaign “Keep it real” (2017), which established a series of avatars as fellow HAU players. With the help of the avatars, Large and Sommers succeeded in depicting an awkwardness that can arise when human and non-human intelligences first encounter one another. These avatars continue to be part of HAU’s pictorial design. They maintain a key position in the video and pictorial design in the promotion of the digital stage HAU4, where online visitors are greeted with moving background images created by the duo. The artists have also produced various trailers for social media and for cinema.

Trailer for cinemas, December 2021

Trailer for Social Media, December 2021

Trailer, December 2020