All in Abundance – A Tribute to Paul Lemp

With Thomas Tielsch, Natalie Bewernitz/Marek Goldowski, Falk Richter, Daniel Hertli, AUTOMAT (Jochen Arbeit, Achim Färber, Georg Zeitblom), Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Simone Aughterlony, Joséphine Evrard, Davis Freeman, Andreas Müller, Vania Rovisco, Valéry Volf, Thomas Wodianka, Brush The Bird (Bo Wiget, Thomas Wydler, Marc Lohr, Stefan Rusconi), Max Loderbauer, Judith Rosmair, Zoè Cartier and Eva FreitagThe proceeds of the event will go to Paul Lemp's family.


This evening is dedicated to Paul Lemp, who died just this past summer. Not only was he an exceptional composer for short films, documentaries, theatre and dance performances, he was also a passionate bass player. Together with Ingo Krauss & Thomas Wydler he instigated the “Candy Bomber Sessions”, which brought international musicians together at their studio in Tempelhof.

Many of his friends and colleagues will contribute to this tribute night, turning HAU2 into a cosmos dedicated to Paul Lemp, including installations, films, concerts, readings and performances. Director Thomas Tielsch is showing his film “Die Finsternis”, a film adaptation of texts by Louis Ferdinand Céline, for which Paul Lemp composed the music. The media artists Bewernitz/Goldowski will create an electro-acoustic sound atmosphere between the foyer and the theatre space, the audience can listen to Falk Richter’s radio play “Sieben Sekunden (In God We Trust)” with Paul Lemp, Sebastian Rudolph, Bibiana Beglau and Thomas Wodianka, and there will be an all-day loop screening of the music video “300” by Daniel Hertli with Paul Lemp on bass.

The main program on the stage of HAU2 starts with a concert by AUTOMAT with band members Jochen Arbeit, Achim Färber, Georg Zeitblom, who recorded their most recent album “PLUSMINUS” at the Candy Bomber Studios in Berlin-Tempelhof. Falk Richter, who worked with Paul Lemp for many years at Berlin’s Schaubühne, will read a section of his play “Unter Eis”. Meg Stuart will first present a new solo “Switches”, followed by her company Damaged Goods, performing the last scene from the piece “ALIBI” along with the performers Simone Aughterlony, Joséphine Evrard, Davis Freeman, Andreas Müller, Vania Rovisco, Valéry Volf and Thomas Wodianka. Lemp contributed extensively to both pieces as a musician. The evening ends with two more sessions – first comes the new band constellation “Brush The Bird”, consisting of Bo Wiget, Thomas Wydler, Marc Lohr and Stefan Rusconi, followed by Max Loderbauer& Toby Freund. 

The benefit event has been organized by Davis Freeman, Damaged Goods and HAU Hebbel am Ufer. The proceeds will go to Paul Lemp’s family.

INSTALLATIONS / FILM Starting at 18:30 / HAU2 (various sites)


Die Finsternis
Thomas Tielsch

18:30-23:00 (loop) / HAU2


Natalie Bewernitz / Marek Goldowski

18:30-19:30 / HAU2


Sieben Sekunden (In God We Trust)
Falk Richter

18:30-23:00 (loop) / HAU2


Daniel Hertli

All day (loop) / HAU2


AUTOMAT (Jochen Arbeit, Achim Färber, Georg Zeitblom)


approx. 20:30 / HAU2

Unter Eis (excerpt)
by and with Falk Richter


Kabale und Liebe (Excerpt) by F. Schiller
with Judith Rosmair, Zoè Cartier and Eva Freitag


Solo by and with Meg Stuart


ALIBI (final scene)
Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods

With Simone Aughterlony, Joséphine Evrard, Davis Freeman, Andreas Müller, Vania Rovisco, Valéry Volf, Thomas Wodianka


approx. 22:00 / HAU2
Brush The Bird (Bo Wiget / Thomas Wydler / Marc Lohr / Stefan Rusconi)

Max Loderbauer & Toby Freund

Immediately following: Party in WAU with DJ Zeitblom

A fundraising event by HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods and all participating artists.


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    Tue 1.12.2015, 19:30 / HAU2


Hallesches Ufer 34, 10963 Berlin

Wheelchair users are kindly requested to register their attendance at least one day before the performance. Thank you for your understanding. If you need help, please contact our Ticketing & Service team at +49 (0)30 259004-27 or send us an email to

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