global swarming – the science of the antz


German /  English /  approx. 80 mins.

The ant is near: andcompany&Co. are in the middle of a transformation: soon they will become ANTCOMPANY. But what is so fascinating to them about these little bugs? Individually they may be dumb, but together they are super smart - a super organism: the “secret world power”! And they are correspondingly entrusted with a lot: if they don’t end up saving the climate (and with it humanity), then their progeny will certainly become the dominant civilisation on this planet. Or haven’t algorithms already long since transformed human society into a gigantic colony of ants (ant-based algorithms)? Is this phase IV, the transition to a hyperintelligence? The earth as the sole “super organism”? While humans are paused in a frenzied standstill, they become militant: electro-ants cause short circuits in factories. It is high time to make contact in order to make common cause against fossil fuel-dependent catastrophe capitalism: two species, one goal: CANCEL INDUSTRIAL CO2! ANTiFA ACTION AGAINST FOSSIL FASCISM!


Concept & Direction: andcompany&Co., (Alexander Karschnia, Nicola Nord, Sascha Sulimma) / By & With: Noah Fischer, Alexander Karschnia, Nicola Nord, Sascha Sulimma / Text: Alexander Karschnia &Co. / Music: Sascha Sulimma &Co. / Lighting Installation: Noah Fischer / Video: Kathrin Krottenthaler, Fruzsina Jesse / Stage: Noah Fischer mit Caroline Wächter / Costume & Make-up: Hila Flashkes / Assistance Stage Design: Christian Dillner / Costume Collaboration: Linda Tiebel / Assistance direction: Leonie Hahn / Technical direction: Marc Zeuske / Production Management: Daniela Guse, Johanna Thomas / Administration: Rahel Häseler, Nora Liebetreu / Communication: Alexandra Lauck, Rahel Häseler / Company Management: Caroline Farke


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    Fri 14.1.2022, 20:00 / HAU2
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    Sat 15.1.2022, 20:00 / HAU2
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    Sun 16.1.2022, 19:00 / HAU2
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    Sat 11.6.2022, 20:00 / HAU2
    Sun 12.6.2022, 17:00 / HAU2

After the performance on June 11: Artist Talk / moderation: Cord Riechelmann


Production: andcompany&Co. Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, FFT Düsseldorf. Funded by: Capital Cultural Fund, Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


Hallesches Ufer 34, 10963 Berlin

Wheelchair users are kindly requested to register their attendance at least one day before the performance. Thank you for your understanding. If you need help, please contact our Ticketing & Service team at +49 (0)30 259004-27 or send us an email to

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