Ulduz Ahmadzadeh / عطش ATASH عطش contemporary dance company


Part of “Spirits, Jinns & Avatars”


approx. 75 mins.

A group of people dance on stage.
A group of people dance on stage.

The moment of rapture in which body and music unite is called “tarab” in Arabic. Choreographer Ulduz Ahmadzadeh focuses on unexplored and forbidden dances of the pre-Islamic Middle Eastern cultural heritage. Accompanied by percussion rhythms, seven dancers embody millennia-old movement material and let it enter into dialogue with contemporary dance language, without shying away from the colonial dynamics between the two.

This event on 12.3. can be combined with “Ouroboros” by Adham Hafez / HaRaKa Platform at 17:00.


Concept & choreography: Ulduz Ahmadzadeh / Concept & scenography: Till Krappmann / Composition & live music: Mohammad Reza Mortazavi / Dance & choreography: Desi Bonato, Naline Ferraz, Flora Virag, Luca Major, Yiannis Tsigkris, Xianghui Zeng, Jassi Murad / Light design: Jan Wielander / Production: Julia Haas, Mascha Mölkner / Scenography: in collaboration with Alice Ursini / Costume (HAU): Gabi Bartels / Stage (HAU): Michael Bauer, Jachya Freeth, Jan Hoffmann, Sujin Choi / Lighting (HAU): Klaus Dust, Max Wegner, Luise Grarff, Josephine Mielke / Sound (HAU): Frieder Naumann, Lukas Hamm / Intern (HAU): Hendrik Voigt


  • Past
    German premiere
    Sat 11.3.2023, 19:00 / HAU2
    Sun 12.3.2023, 19:00 / HAU2

After the performance on 11.3. : Artist Talk with Johanna Kasperowitsch


Production: عطش ATASH عطش contemporary dance company. Co-production: Tanzquartier Wien. Supported by: City of Vienna, Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sports, Dance on Tour Austria, Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, austria kultur international, ACT OUT. Residency: Dampfzentrale Bern.


Hallesches Ufer 34, 10963 Berlin

Wheelchair users are kindly requested to register their attendance at least one day before the performance. Thank you for your understanding. If you need help, please contact our Ticketing & Service team at +49 (0)30 259004-27 or send us an email to

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