Simone Aughterlony & Hahn Rowe


Part of “The Biofiction Trilogy”


75 min.

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“Biofiction“ is a rare love story between many, an unexpected clearing on a wilderness that offers a close-up on human and non-human assemblages and their affects. Situated within an inquiry into vibrant matter, a choreographic poem emerges that is both careful and utterly libidinal.

Gathering the remains of the previous two works in “The Biofiction Trilogy”, the hot pink flesh placeholder, wood and crafting tools, the rope that weaves, the natural and artificial entanglement of fluids and materials – “Biofiction” creates a new horizontal terrain that renders a plurality of agencies without ontological hierarchy. What may ordinarily be considered inadequate stimuli is now attended to for all its sensual and specific qualities, cultivating an irrational love of matter. The intimate rapport, the dance that spectrums acts of labour, pleasure, cohabitation and simply ‘being with’ refuses the normative divisions between nature and culture, male and female or any such binary.

A practice of reorienting and redistributing the senses generates a queer consciousness and affirms a landscape that is both present and utopian. We see stereotypes and prototypes, we recognise then delight in mis-recognition, we may even laugh despite ourselves. Understanding “Biofiction” in terms of a narrative of sexuality that does not yet exist sustains curiosity - defying conventions or identification renders this choreographic work as a continuous world- building practice.

Is this movement research, music or fun post-porn practice? Beyond the associations, it brings the bodies and companion materials in conversation to know no difference between being excited, being exciting and being excited-with.

After the performance on 17 April: Artist Talk with Bettina Knaup, Simone Aughterlony, Petra Hrašćanec, Hahn Rowe and Jen Rosenblit.


Performance: Simone Aughterlony, Petra Hrašćanec, Hahn Rowe / Concept: Simone Aughterlony / Live Music: Hahn Rowe / Dramaturgical Advice: Saša Božić, Jorge León / Costumes: Judith Steinmann / Light Design: Florian Bach / Technical Director: Ursula Degen / Production Management: Sina Kießling


  • Past
    Tue 17.4.2018, 20:00 / HAU2
    Sat 21.4.2018, 21:00 / HAU2


Production: Simone Aughterlony / Verein für allgemeines Wohl. Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Gessnerallee Zurich, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt, Theater Freiburg.

Supported by: NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ (NPN) Coproduction Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag, Stadt Zurich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zurich, Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council.

The re-run is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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Hallesches Ufer 34, 10963 Berlin

Wheelchair users are kindly requested to register their attendance at least one day before the performance. Thank you for your understanding. If you need help, please contact our Ticketing & Service team at +49 (0)30 259004-27 or send us an email to

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