Manja Präkels

Soll das ein Vogel sein?

Im Rahmen von “Berlin bleibt! #4”

180 mins.

Even from a distance, you can recognize Kreuzberg's Mehringplatz by the towering Peace Column. On top of it stands a winged creature. The structure is part of Berlin's history. Stories fly like birds through the sky above the city. Words flutter from mouth to ear to mouth and change. Loud. Noises. Louder. What do the quiet voices of my neighbors tell? Behind the timid glances, when a person passes by, there are worlds and lives and things not yet told. Under every roof an Oof? Tell about your worries, memories, dreams. What is your story? Manja Präkels will sit at the desk, listen and collect stories.


  • Past
    Tue 21.6.2022, 10:00 / In front of Kiezstube Mehringplatz
    Fri 24.6.2022, 10:00 / In front of Kiezstube Mehringplatz
    Tue 28.6.2022, 10:00 / In front of Kiezstube Mehringplatz
    Fri 1.7.2022, 10:00 / In front of Kiezstube Mehringplatz


A project by Manja Präkels within "Berlin bleibt #4 - Treffpunkt Mehringplatz", a festival by HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Funded as part of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. Supported by: Gewobag.


In front of Kiezstube Mehringplatz
Mehringplatz 7, 10969 Berlin

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The Glowing Room

Text by Hendrik Otremba.

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“Collectivize Facebook” is a lawsuit aimed to turn Facebook into public property, initiated by artist Jonas Staal and lawyer Jan Fermon. Read here Staal’s introduction to the project.

“Manifestos for Queer Futures”

Video Documentation

As part of the festival “The Present Is Not Enough – Performing Queer Histories and Futures”, HAU initiated an open call for artists based in Berlin, who were invited to submit proposals for their Manifestos for Queer Futures.