Cena 11

Dark Matter


Part of “Claiming Common Spaces V – No One’s Land / A Festival on Borders and Communities” of the Alliance of International Production Houses


Brazilian Portuguese / English / With English translation / approx. 90 mins.

What matter is and how it can be experienced remain in constant flux in “Dark Matter” by Cena 11. As a member of the Alliance of International Production Houses, HAU will stream it live from the Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm, where the fifth edition of the joint programme series “Claiming Common Spaces” is taking place from 9–12 February, envisioning the future of internationality.


Conception, Artistic Direction, Choreography: Alejandro Ahmed / Creation, Choreography, Performance: Alejandro Ahmed, Aline Blasius, Bianca Vieira, João Peralta, Karin Serafin, Kitty Katt, Luana Leite, Malu Rabelo, Natascha Zacheo / Sound and Video Operation and Creation: Alejandro Ahmed, João Peralta / Technical Direction: Grupo Cena 11 / Light design: Irani Apolinário / Sound, Broadcast Technician: Eduardo Serafin / Production Direction: Karin Serafin / Production Assistance: Malu Rabelo / Movement Direction Assistance: Aline Blasius / Sceno-technical Assistance: Adilso Machado / Graphic Pieces: Luana Leite / Photos: Cristiano Prim, Karin Serafin / Translation: Kitty Katt, Marcos Morgado / Technical Preparation: Aline Blasius, Kitty Katt, Alejandro Ahmed / Technical-artistic development in “Dark Matter” 2019/2020 and Teaser for “Phantom Future” 2020: Hedra Rockenback / Creation and programming of objects, instruments, and mechanisms for “Dark Matter”: Diego de los Campos / Plants for Scenography: Karin Serafin / Text: Grupo Cena 11 / Technical-artistic dialogue for creating videos for “Dark Matter”: PACT-UFSC (João Peralta, Rodrigo Garcez, Thiago R. Passos) / “Dark Matter” Camera operation: Karin Serafin, João Peralta / Drone operation: Alex Costa


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    Fri 10.2.2023, 19:30 / HAU4
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“Claiming Common Spaces V” is a project of the Alliance of International Production Houses, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


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Text by Hendrik Otremba.

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