Creamcake presents: Sylbee Kim

Trinity: Finance-Credo-Spirituality

Part of “Spy on Me #3”


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Several people stand staggered one behind the other. They are all wearing beige clothes. The background is purple.
Several people are lying on the floor. One head is enclosed in a pink bubble.

In her work, Berlin-based artist Sylbee Kim draws attention to the imaginary connections between capitalism, technology and spirituality. Three sculptures are linked to the three chapters of the video “Finance-Credo-Spirituality” (2019). In a non-linear narrative, Kim engages with the speculative frenzy surrounding cryptocurrencies in 2018, creating a timeless space that moves between archaic social images, religious faith communities and science-fiction scenarios. The first chapter, “Finance”, opens with the main character facing an uncertain future, lured by external voices to start blockchain trading. In the second chapter, an oracle promises eternal life through technologies, where notions of trust and economic progress morph into religious faith. In the final chapter, “Spirituality”, belief in technology becomes a faith in which ideas of the future are linked to primordial time. The three protagonists appear together in iconic configurations, such as “The Three Graces” from European antiquity or the Buddhist Trikaya.

Creamcake is a Berlin-based, interdisciplinary platform negotiating the point of convergence in music, visual art, and performance, as well as digital culture and the contemporary discourse surrounding it. Presenting artists whose work is characterized by intersectional, feminist, queer, and decolonial approaches, their aim is to produce and navigate experiences outside of normative social structures by providing a critical engagement with these perspectives. Creamcake provides a stage where dominant power structures and their effects on technology, sexuality, identity and the creative arts can be explored.

HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Creamcake have been working in close collaboration since 2015. Most recently, the festival “3hd 2020: UNHUMANITY” took place online, including a performance by Keiken, a collective working between Berlin and London, and with the artist Rory Pilgrim.


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    Mon 22.3.2021, 19:00 / HAU4

This work can also be seen in the Mozilla Hub of “Beta Version Box – Workshop for Digital Theatre” between 26 and 28 March.


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