Those specks of dust (Kat Válastur) & 7 Dialogues (Matteo Fargion)

Tanz im August

DANCE ON ENSEMBLE consists of six dancers, and over a two-year period, will be developing a repertoire for experienced dancers over the age of 40. “7 Dialogues” is their first creation, consisting of a series of six highly personal solos which were developed in tandems by artists from the fields of theater, visual arts and choreography. As dialog partners, Christopher Roman is working with the Bulgarian performance artist Ivo Dimchev, Amancio Gonzalez with the London-based visual artist Hetain Patel, Jone San Martin with the English director, author and performer Tim Etchells, Ty Boomershine with the New York choreographer Beth Gill, Brit Rodemund with the choreographer and dancer Lucy Suggate, and Ami Schulman with the French choreographer Étienne Guilloteau. The seventh contribution was made by the composer Matteo Fargion, who reduced Schubert’s Erlkönig down to its basic structure, thus providing the framework for the work of the six tandems. “7 Dialogues” was shown for the first time in January 2016 at the Holland Dance Festival in the Hague.

Tanz im August will host the premiere of the third work to be specially created for DANCE ON: “Those specks of dust”, by Kat Válastur, which invites the dancers to recall the process of becoming a dancer. The act of performing is reversed and gives ‘the eye of the beholder’ to the dancers, whose gaze shifts to their own bodies to watch them as they create movement. The choreography gives the six dancers the space to re-experience, re-discover and express their admiration and surprise towards their dancing bodies.

Duration 100 minutes (with intermission)

Those specks of dust: World premiere

7 Dialogues: German premiere

Bus Shuttle

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Sat 20.8.:

FROM: Akademie der Künste: MONUMENT 0.2: Valda & Gus

TO: HEBBEL AM UFER: HAU1 – 20:00 DANCE ON ENSEMBLE | HAU3 – 21:00 Dana Michel

DEPARTURE: 19.00 (after the performance)


Künstlerische Leitung/Komposition: Matteo Fargion / In künstlerischer Zusammenarbeit mit und von: Ty Boomershine und Beth Gill / Amancio Gonzalez und Hetain Patel / Brit Rodemund und Lucy Suggate / Christopher Roman und Ivo Dimchev / Jone San Martin und Tim Etchells / Ami Shulman und Étienne Guilloteau / Künstlerische Leitung DANCE ON ENSEMBLE: Christopher Roman / Licht: Benjamin Schälike / Sound: Florian Fischer / Kostüm: Claudia Hill / Koproduktion: Holland Dance Festival, Theater im Pfalzbau, tanzhaus nrw / Mit Unterstützung von: BASF SE / Konzept und Choreografie: Kat Válastur / Mit: Ty Boomershine, Amancio Gonzalez, Brit Rodemund, Christopher Roman, Jone San Martin, Ami Shulman / Künstlerische Leitung DANCE ON ENSEMBLE: Christopher Roman / Licht: Martin Beeretz / Bühne und Installation: Filippos Kavakas / Choreografische Assistenz: Maria Tzika / Sound: Kat Válastur / Stephan Wöhrmann / Daniel Toscano Fajardo / Kostüm: Lydia Sonderegger / Kostümassistenz: Héloïse Bouteille / Produktionsleitung: Guilia Messia / Koproduktion: Tanz im August, tanzhaus nrw / DANCE ON ist eine Initiative der DIEHL+RITTER gUG, gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien / Dank an: die Tanzfabrik Berlin und die Uferstudios GmbH


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