Houseclub präsentiert: Bonn Park

Der Klang der Sehenswürdigkeiten

With the Kulturklasse from Fritz-Karsen-Schule


German / approx. 30-45 min.

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Get on board! Ride with us on a school bus and experience a tour through this extraordinary city that has so much to offer. Students from the Fritz-Karsen-Schule (Berlin’s oldest community school) tell wacky stories that are true and false. There might not be a bus. The bus is your imagination, and your imagination is boundless. 

By and with: Ece Delikaya, Patricia Geserick, Can Güneş, Melike-Nur Güneş, Mahmoud Iraki, Niklas Kirsch, Gina Kowalski, Theerapon Krekeler, Niko Kuschmann, Nursena Lukow, Lia Miczek, Sejla Music, Natalia Pascarella, Elia Perea Sotolongo, Frieda Reuter, Fritz Seifert, Michelle Thiede, Justin Trottner,  Leonie Zimmerling.


Artistic direction: Bonn Park / Sound design: Elie Gregory / School project management: Andreas Danner / Project assistance: Hiyam Biary & Lydia Schulz


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    Mon 2.12.2019, 18:00 / HAU3 Houseclub
    Tue 3.12.2019, 11:00 / HAU3 Houseclub


An event serie by HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Supported within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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Text by Hendrik Otremba.

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By Jonas Staal

“Collectivize Facebook” is a lawsuit aimed to turn Facebook into public property, initiated by artist Jonas Staal and lawyer Jan Fermon. Read here Staal’s introduction to the project.

“Manifestos for Queer Futures”

Video Documentation

As part of the festival “The Present Is Not Enough – Performing Queer Histories and Futures”, HAU initiated an open call for artists based in Berlin, who were invited to submit proposals for their Manifestos for Queer Futures.