Houseclub presents: Creaturephonic (Marco Merz, Luis Nassowitz & Anne Paffenholz)

Ich bin raus! Von Aussteigern, Neinsagern, Rebellen und Systemverweigerern


ca. 30 Min Residency: January 2015 Presentation: 28.1.2015 at Hector-Peterson-School


Why do people decide to back out? Under the auspices of the Houseclub, pupils from the seventh grade of the Hector Peterson School investigate the motivation of emigrants to the South Pacific, Edward Snowden, and truant students. The musicians Marco Merz and Luis Nassowitz of the hip-hop group Puppetmastaz and the dramaturge Anne Paffenholz are developing a puppet-music show with the pupils, getting the dropouts to dance.    

Adress: Tempelhofer Ufer 15, 10963 Berlin "Wir sind raus" sung by pupils of grade 7A2 from Hector-Peterson-School


With: Class 7A2 / Amani Koussa, Anika Mittfeld, Cagatay Kurt, Dardan Elezi-Grabia, Emre Kocatürk, Enes Kök, Mustafa Eren Özdilberler, Hilal Kaya, Jumana Linda Chawraba, Kadir Yilmaz, Karme Fayad, Abdellatif Assaf, Leyla El-Jindawi, Lena Fares, Aya Malak Issa, / Artistic direction: Creaturephonic (Marco Merz, Luis Nassowitz & Anne Paffenholz) / Project management in school: Benita Bandow / Houseclub-Team: Ciprian Marinescu, Theresa Münnich, Khaled Sleiman, Liesa Schober, Chris Rollin, Yoko Kawasaki & Julia Schreiner


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