Houseclub präsentiert: Janne Gregor & Zeljko Ristic


With pupils from Hector-Peterson-Schule


German / approx. 30-45 min.

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We kick with high heels, beard fuzz, head scarves and nail polish, in shorts and dresses. We bellow out battle songs and build Babylonian towers from gates. 20 balls on stage get us rolling. Is this still football? Or already dance? In “Kick!” the students from the Hector-Peterson-Schule work with Janne Gregor and Zeljko Ristic to explore what football and dance have in common. They seek out social role models, making them visible, reflecting, transforming and wondering: What happens when you turn everything around?!

By and with: Acelya Sögüt, Ahmad Khalifa, Alisa-Thalia Sahin, Arzu Akkurt, Chantal Keller, Ciwan Tasci, David Amin Weber, Denis Eray Werg, Omar Abdelwahab, Luay Abou-Dabous, Mohammad Assaid, Musa Durmaz, Sarah Mulzof, Sude Özcan, Tarkan Taskiran, Tibelya Teber, Viktor Tarik Weber, Yasser Al-Hamud, Yassin Trabelsi


Artistic direction: Janne Gregor & Zeljko Ristic / School project management: Benita Bandow / Project assistance: Hiyam Biary & Lydia Schulz / Set and costumes: Johanna Schraut


  • Past
    Thu 12.12.2019, 18:00 / HAU3 Houseclub
    Fri 13.12.2019, 11:00 / HAU3 Houseclub


An event series by HAU Hebbel am Ufer. supported within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.                                                                         

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