Houseclub presents: Niels Bovri and Marcus Thomas


Eine performative Soundinstallation


Residency: May/June 2014 Presentation: 27.6.2014 at JUNIPARK (St. Thomas-Kirchhof Neukölln) 

What does your neighbourhood sound like? Over a period of four weeks, in collaboration with students from the Hector Peterson School,Niels Bovri and Marcus Thomas have acoustically been exploring their own living space, their Kreuzberg habitats and the pathways between them. This result is Wohnton, a performative sound installation, in which the visual is carried over into the acoustic, and the sounds of the big city are translated into choreography. The results will be presented at JUNIPARK, a temporary urban art project on the living and housing situation of young Berliners.

More information about JUNIPARK (in German).

JUNIPARK is also on Facebook! JUNIPARK Trailer, in German (via youtube)

JUNIPARK is supported by Stiftung Deutsche Jugendmarke e.V.

A project of Internationalen JugendKunst- und Kulturhaus Schlesische 27.


With: Class 7 D3 and 9 / Mohamed Darwiche, Milos Gäbler, Melis Selin Günes, Mines Günes, Nada Haridy, Hatice Karaosmanoglu, Iman Abou Kheir, Sevim-Sevgi Messi, Batuhan Savas, Melisa Simsek, Oktay Tosun sowie Abdullah, Kadir Akyuz, Imran El-Ahmad, Sylema Hussei / Artistic direction: Niels Bovri / Marcus Thomas / Project management school: David Reuter / Houseclub-Team: Lisa Siegel, Ann Gontarek, Julia Schreiner, Khaled Sleiman, Ciprian Marinescu


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The Glowing Room

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