Alain Buffard


InstallationTanz im August

The installation can be visited like a regular exhibition anytime between 17:00 until 22:00.

„A metaphor dealing with the notion of cannibalism, here hijacked to be about clothing and ist presentation in performance; a way for the stylist Sébastien Meunier and myself, choreographer and dancer, to literally liquidate the presentation of the self through pieces of clothing and performance.“  Alain Buffard (1960-2013)

„Tanz im August would like to remember the outstanding choreographer, a true fighter, Alain Buffard as an exceptional artist of his generation. The loss is ours to live with.“ VS
Video trailer:

Coproduction: Les Subsistances Lyon, pi:es, Tanzquartier Wien


Director and performer: Alain Buffard, Sébastien Meunier / Camera and editor: Amaury Agier - Aurel


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    Fri 15.8.2014, 17:00 /
    Sat 16.8.2014, 17:00 /
    Sun 17.8.2014, 17:00 /
    Tue 19.8.2014, 17:00 /
    Wed 20.8.2014, 17:00 /
    Thu 21.8.2014, 17:00 /
    Fri 22.8.2014, 17:00 /
    Sat 23.8.2014, 17:00 /
    Sun 24.8.2014, 17:00 /
    Tue 26.8.2014, 17:00 /
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    Fri 29.8.2014, 17:00 /
    Sat 30.8.2014, 13:00 /

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The Glowing Room

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“Manifestos for Queer Futures”

Video Documentation

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