Jota Mombaça

Transition and Apocalypse

Part of the festival “The Present Is Not Enough – Performing Queer Histories and Futures”


Performance: approx. 60 min. / Installation: 17:00–21:00

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“Transition and Apocalypse” is a new multi-disciplinary piece inspired by Octavia Butler’s “Parable” series. The work consists of an installation and a series of public activations with a focus on the recurrence of the end of the world in contemporary narratives, as well as on the ethical dilemmas such relations engenders. The performance operates within a non-linear time, so the apocalypse is read not solely as an ending point but as a transitional path towards another world experiences.        

The installation runs from 21.–23.6. and from 27.–30.6., 17:00–21:00 / Admission free                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Readers & Performers: Jota Mombaça, Gabe Passareli, Pêdra Costa / Text: The Enciphered Letters to Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro / Design: Darwin Marinho, Rodrigo Lopes / Creative Assistance: Valério Araújo, Darwin Marinho / Moving Image Team: Darwin Marinho, Eduardo Moreira, Dhiovana Barroso, Marissa Noana, Rodrigo Lopes / Translation: Jéssica Oliveira, Bruna Barros


  • Past
    Sat 22.6.2019, 18:00 / HAU3 Houseclub
    Sun 23.6.2019, 18:00 / HAU3 Houseclub
    Thu 27.6.2019, 18:00 / HAU3 Houseclub
    Sat 29.6.2019, 18:00 / HAU3 Houseclub


A commission by HAU Hebbel am Ufer in the frame of the festival “The Present Is Not Enough – Performing Queer Histories and Futures” funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

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