MOUVOIR / Stephanie Thiersch

Bronze by Gold

DanceTanz im August

In her second collaboration with the Asasello Quartet, Stephanie Thiersch explores the centrifugal forces of ecstasy and the reverberation of high-energy discharge. Bronze by Gold seeks a frenzy of motion in music and dance – and with it the inner static after acoustic overload, the persistent dizziness after ecstasy, the coloured shadows after bright light. Proceeding from three compositions and a flood of mass-media images, like the one daily affecting our gestures and bodies, the four musicians, seven dancers and a DJ construct vibrantly energetic spaces filled with electrifying impulses between sound, image, movement and whirring discontinuation. The starting material for Bronze by Gold is Beethoven’s Große Fuge, which was considered too loud, too wild, too complex, simply ‘too much’ in the early 19th century, Márton Illés’s Torso V, which plays with the accumulation and discharge of energy, and Raga φ, by Hikari Kiyama, who creates an electronically amplified and distorted multi-perspective sound-space inspired by noise rock, trance and death metal.

Duration: 80min

A production by MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch in cooperation with the Asasello Quartet. Co-produced by: Beethovenfest Bonn, Tanz im August, Hessisches Staatsballett / Staatstheater Darmstadt & Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden, tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf. In cooperation with Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster and Freihandelszone Köln.

Funded by: Kunststiftung NRW, NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ (NPN). Co-production funding for dance provided by the federal government commissaries for culture and media on the basis of a decree by the German Federal Parliament; the NRW Ministry for the Family, Children, Young People, Culture and Sport; Cultural Office of the state capital Düsseldorf; RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur; Cultural Office of the City of Cologne.



Choreography/Direction: Stephanie Thiersch / Quartet: Rostislav Kozhevnikov (1. Violin), Barbara Kuster (2. Violin), Teemu Myöhänen (Cello), Justyna Śliwa (Viola) / Tanz/Creation: Tanz/Kreation: Matteo Ceccarelli, Marika Gangemi, Annamari Keskinen, Moo Kim, Colas Lucot, Chang Ik Oh, Camille Revol / Electronic music: Dj Elephant Power / Dramaturgy: Guy Cools / Choreographic/musical consulting: Juan Kruz Díaz de Garaio Esnaola / Choreographic Assistance: Viviana Escalé, Valentí Rocamora i Torà / Assistant director: Liesa Harzer / Photography: Martin Rottenkolber / Costumes: Fabien Almakiewicz / Stage: Jasper Diekamp / Lighting Design: Nico de Rooij / Outside Ear: Aleksandra Gryka / Technical direction: Fabian Bleisch / Soun: Maximilian Johannson / Photography: Martin Rottenkolber / Production management: Karolin Henze / Management: Béla Bisom


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