Peira and neighbours from Mehringplatz

Raum für ____________! Ein Mural für den Kiez

Part of “¡PROTAGONISTAS! Resistance Feminisms Revolution”

From 21.6.


Taking space, giving space, space is missing, is taken, space is created together. With women from the Mehringplatz neighborhood, the artist group Peira and filmmaker Klara Mohammadi enter a space for a joint image production. They will try out collage and painting techniques, calligraphy and graffiti; they will search for images beyond place assignments and attributions: The goal is to leave a polyphonic collage in public space as a mural on Brandesstraße.


Project management: Peira und Klara Mohammadi / Neighbors from Mehringplatz: Ahlam, Asmaa, Maysa, Rania, Neswa, Saba, Yamam / Artist workshops: Mayada Alkayal (Mal- und Drucktechniken), Ziad Sheno (Kalligrafie), Nancy Rohde (Graffiti) / Creative collaboration: Mahsa Nejad, Elsa Kleé, Alex Klütsch / Artistic collaboration mural: Elnaz Eslami, Susan Azizi, Ziad Sheno / Artistic education: Stella Konstantinou (HAU to connect)


  • Past
    Wed 21.6.2023, 20:00 / Outdoor (Brandesstr. 1, 10969 Berlin)


A cooperation between HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Peira, Klara Mohammadi and women of the group “Arabischer Thementisch”. Thanks to Gewobag, especially Merle Brüser.


Outdoor (Brandesstr. 1, 10969 Berlin)
Brandesstr. 1, 10969 Berlin

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