Rosemary Butcher

Moving in Time: Making Marks and Memories

InstallationDanceTanz im August

Audience engagement formats with Rosemary Butcher
Meeting of Minds: 16.8. | 17:00 | Akademie der Künste: Rosemary Butcher & Susan Leigh Foster
Meet the Artists: 02.09. | after the performance | HAU1
Dance Circle: 03.09. | after the performance | HAU1

This exhibition presents selected still images, videos, notes and further materials from Rosemary Butcher’s archive of choreographic works from 1976 to the present, and it underlines her sense of visual artistry in choreographic process. Rosemary Butcher has accessed her own archive throughout the period of making new work, which engages, as a result, with her memories as an artist and choreographer. Her archive project works with the theme of “memory in the present tense”, seeking to highlight the complex layering of time and the self in her choreographic pieces.

Retrospective Rosemary Butcher Memory in the Present Tense

Thanks to Nigel Butcher, Susan Melrose, Claire Hicks, Paul Russ, Nele Hertling, Dr. Johannes Odenthal, Caroline Rehberg and the team of Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg.

Produced by  TANZ IM AUGUST / HAU Hebbel am Ufer in collaboration with Akademie der Künste and supported by British Council, Middlesex University, Why Not Assosiates and Dance 4.


Choreography / concept: Rosemary Butcher / Curator: Andrea Niederbuchner / Exhibition design: Anja Trudel / Research / textual work: Stefanie Sachsenmaier / Film archive: Sam Williams / Photographic archive: David Ellis


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