Everybody Needs Only You. Liebe in Zeiten des Kapitalismus


German / English / approx. 90 min.

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Love and capitalism are considered opposites: romantic-warm versus economic-cool. But the two are closely related. Love claims to affect everybody – everybody needs somebody to love – and is unique every time: only you. Capitalism claims that if everybody was egotistical, that would be good for everyone: a society of individuation. The project “Everybody Needs Only You,” initiated by the artist Konstanze Schmitt, the writer Bini Adamczak and the dramaturg Karolin Nedelmann, looks into the relationship between exchanging love and trafficking in goods. Since it is cold outside, everybody is longing for the warmth inside, where there is not enough space. Four performers (Nora Decker, Hauke Heumann, Anja Meser, Mariana Senne) cover the playing field made up of wage work, kitchen, bed, and party (stage: Julie Rüter). What kind of trade does romantic love conduct? And what does it actually feel like to live in capitalism?


Idea: Schmitt/Adamczak / Realization: Schmitt/Adamczak/Nedelmann / Direction: Konstanze Schmitt / Text: Bini Adamczak / Dramaturgy: Karolin Nedelmann / Performance: Nora Decker, Hauke Heumann, Anja Meser, Mariana Senne / Set: Julie Rüter / Light: Philine Rinnert / Musical advice: Fabian Jung / Head of Production: ehrliche arbeit - freies Kulturbüro / Music by: Lazy Lovers United (Private Property Love, So much Labour for Love) und Mariana Senne (Meu aconchego e cativeiro) / Text fragments of: Roland Barthes, Silvia Federici, Erich Fromm, Anja Meser, Nina Rabuza, RuPaul, Sabrina Setlur, Edwin Star, Joey Tribbiani, Will & Grace


  • Past
    Fri 6.12.2019, 19:00 / HAU3
    Sat 7.12.2019, 19:00 / HAU3
    Sun 8.12.2019, 17:00 / HAU3
    Additional Performance
    Sun 8.12.2019, 20:00 / HAU3
    Wed 27.5.2020, 19:00 / HAU3
    Thu 28.5.2020, 19:00 / HAU3
    Fri 29.5.2020, 19:00 / HAU3

As Part of #HAUonline: The lecture “Love Under Capitalism”


Production: Schmitt, Adamczak, Nedelmann. Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, FFT Düsseldorf, Schlachthaus Theater Bern. In cooperation with: Galerie Wedding. Funded by: Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.

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Tempelhofer Ufer 10, 10963 Berlin

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