Marie Al Fajr: Shagarat Mussafira (Travelling Trees) Mona Gamil: Aunt Safety's Practical Guide to Safe Art Practice

Part of "Return to Sender"


60 Min

In this double-bill from Cairo, two artists of radically different paths present us with an evening of critical densities. What contemporary dance is in Cairo is as complex as the city's population and history. Be it postcolonial critiques, active embodiment of globally trending questions, radical physicalities and specific political positions, or propositions that challenge frames circulating in common dance markets and festivals; contemporary dance from (or through) Cairo certainly cannot be summed up in one evening, the way the city's story could never be reduced to monolithic narratives.

Shagarat Mussafira (Travelling Trees)

by Marie Al Fajr

Based in Cairo and Paris, French choreographer Marie Al Fajr's work has always raised questions on the politics of aesthetics and the production of temporalities. Her company's choreographic investigation challenges our notions of beauty in contemporary dance now, and problematizes ownership of culture(s). Al Fajr Company was founded by Marie Al Fajr to invest in research into Egyptian dance and music, staging works that are rooted in contemporary Arab culture, the classical Arabic language, and the history of Arab-Islamic art. Her productions refuse market generated aesthetics and Western-centric performance codes. Never starting from ethnology or cultural anthropology perspectives, but rather from an embodied living quotidian knowledge, the work of Marie Al Fajr is perhaps 'intemporary' – as the artist refers to the creations – rather than 'contemporary'.

Aunt Safety's Practical Guide to Safe Art Practice

by Mona Gamil

Poet, dancer, performance maker and digital artist Mona Gamil is an Egyptian-Irish active member of the thriving Egyptian performance and dance scene. Based in Egypt and Ireland, the work of Mona Gamil doesn't investigate questions of being biracial nor does it speak of intercultural realities. It concretely manifests elements of the complexity of Cairo's contemporary history, and yet never represents it. 'Safe Art Practice' is Mona Gamil's multi-episode guideline to initiate us all into a new genre, a new practice, where we shall never run out of ideas, where we shall always please the market, where we shall always succeed as artists and satisfy all audiences internationally, without resorting to politics and without shocking anyone – not at all.


Kurator/Auftrageswerk von: Adham Hafez


  • Past
    Sat 14.3.2015, 19:00 / HAU3
    Sun 15.3.2015, 17:00 / HAU3


"Shagarat Mussafira" was commissioned by TransDance; Egypt's International Festival of Dance and Performance. Co-produced by: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Al Fajr Company (Paris), HaRaKa (Egypt).

"Aunt Safety's Practical Guide to Safe Art Practice" was commissioned by the Arab Dance Caravan project and TransDance; Egypt's International Festival of Dance and Performance. Co-produced by: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, HaRaKa (Egypt).


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