Die Regeneration der Pixel

von dgtl fmnsm

As part of the performative installation “interFACE digital pleasure centre” by dgtl fmnsm, the Mozilla Hubs space serves as a virtual counterpart to the physical environment. Inside, visitors explore digital bodies, going on quests to help them regenerate their pixels and cells along their shared interfaces.

Users on iPads can explore the Mozilla Hubs environment as a multiplayer game. In an open-world setting, they explore a wafting and changing environment in which they encounter digital bodies – avatar versions of the centre’s designers. Through interaction with these technological entities, the audience experiences digital bodily needs and hybrid physical presences.

Part of “Spy on Me #4”:

dgtl fmnsm                    
interFACE digital pleasure center
22.–25.9.2022 / HAU2, HAU4 

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Mozilla Hub design: Echo Can Luo
Photo: Screenshot Echo Can Luo
Graphic: Teresa Schönherr
Text: Philisha Kay

Festival programme “Spy on Me #4 – New Companions”