Ligia Lewis


Ligia Lewis works as a choreographer and dancer. Lewis’s works, often marked by expressions of physical intensity and humor,  seek to animate subjects through physical forms of expression that disrupt normative conceptions of the body while negotiating the ghostly traces of history, memory, and the unknown. Through choreography, she develops expressive concepts that give form to movements, speech, affects, thoughts, relations, utterances, and the bodies that hold them. Utilizing affect, empathy, and the sensate, her work continues to evoke the nuances of embodiment. Lewis recently finished works including: “A Plot / A Scandal” (2022), Still Not Still” (2021), deader than dead (2020), the trilogy “Water Will (in Melody)” (2018), “minor matter” (2016), and “Sorrow Swag” (2014). Her most recent major stage work, “Still Not Still” (2021) is preceded by a smaller work for the museum context, “deader than dead” (2020), which currently has beenbeing presented as a film in various arts contexts and was commissioned by Made in LA Biennial/Hammer Museum (US). The live version will be shown this November in Spain.

Lewis is the recipient of the Tabori Award in the category of Distinction (2021); a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants Award (2018); a Bessie Award for Outstanding Production for minor matter (2017); a Factory Artist residency at tanzhaus nrw (2017-19); and a Prix Jardin d’ Europe from ImPulsTanz for Sorrow Swag (2015). Her work has been presented in multiple venues and is currently touring internationally.