3hd 2021: Posh


Part of Creamcake 3hd Festival 2021: Power Play
Online performance from Park Center Treptow

available at the HAUthek until 10.11.2021


Extreme physical experiences, provocation and confrontation, harsh gestures and intense, perturbing moments are all presented in countless ways by the artists gracing a former toy shop at Park Center Treptow on October 9. Directly engaging with different social realities and testing their bodies’ boundaries, performance duo FlucT’s “Mortal” flips through eternal merge. Monica Mirable and Sigrid Lauren’s collaborations often explore the staging of power, where their interest in understanding these dynamics concerns the perception of suffering, while demanding a place for queer and femme bodies which are most acutely permeated by the patriarchy. Thrilling gestures, contortions and physical expressions coupled with a daring vulnerability becomes the precursor of a new corporeality, communication and care. 

After their performance at Park Center Treptow, Monica Mirable and Sigrid Lauren produced a performance for 3hd TV and HAU4.

FlucT, est. 2010, is the collaborative work of Monica Mirabile & Sigrid Lauren. Their work addresses the authorities of control specific to consumerism and our social programming. Creating original soundscapes linking a manipulated pop music psychosis with violently intimate dance, their compositions become duet projections channel changing through systems of power. Their work has been reviewed by Art in America, The New York Times, The Fader, and Cura Magazine, among others. They have performed and exhibited at the Guggenheim, The Broad Museum, Miami Art Basel, SIGNAL, Performa, Queens Museum and Andrea Rosen Gallery.


  • Past
    Thu 28.10.2021, 19:00 / HAU4

After this date available at the HAUthek until 10.11.2021


Curation and organisation: Creamcake. In cooperation with: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Funded by: Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


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Text by Hendrik Otremba.

An Introduction to “Collectivize Facebook”

By Jonas Staal

“Collectivize Facebook” is a lawsuit aimed to turn Facebook into public property, initiated by artist Jonas Staal and lawyer Jan Fermon. Read here Staal’s introduction to the project.

“Manifestos for Queer Futures”

Video Documentation

As part of the festival “The Present Is Not Enough – Performing Queer Histories and Futures”, HAU initiated an open call for artists based in Berlin, who were invited to submit proposals for their Manifestos for Queer Futures.