2.–31.10. / HAU4, 3hdTV, Berlinische Galerie, Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Park Center Treptow and silent green


3hd Festival 2021: Power Play

Neoliberal digital society is permeated by power and violence. These structures and dynamics required to survive in capital-oriented societies can be counter-read in abstract form with sadomasochistic practices. Now in it’s seventh edition, Creamcake’s 3hd Festival approaches the transgressive phenomenon of contemporary BDSM, kink and its varieties of exercises in force and control through art, music, performance and film. This year’s “Power Play” – happening at various venues across Berlin and on the internet – considers the perception of a sexuality that defines itself as ‘play’. That is specifically in relation to notions of dominance and submission as socially-negotiable within sadomasochistic cultural techniques.


Curation and organisation: Creamcake. In cooperation with: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Funded by: Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.