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Tomorrow Is Always Too Long

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“Tomorrow Is Always Too Long” is a love letter to Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. Developed over the course of a year with various local communities, it paints a portrait of daily life as seen through the scope of human experience, from birth and youth through education and the criminal justice system to old age. The film is built around musical sequences starring non-professional singers accompanied by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra; public-access-style broadcasts with a cast of Glaswegians from every walk of life; and a series of intricate short animations depicting a night out on the town. The improbable lovechild of musicals and documentary, late-night television and silhouette animation, “Tomorrow Is Always Too Long” defies classification and embarks on an immersive, hypnotic trip into the heart of the city.


With: Molly Christie, Kate Dickie, Mick Harden, Grace Kabonga, Alex Large, Gabriel Quigley, James Martin, Liane Sommers, Amber Walker, George Wilson / Camera: Michael McDonough, A.S.C. / Sound: Jochen Jezussek / Cut: Cristovao A. dos Reis, Casey Raymond / Silhouette Animation: Matthew Robins / Music: Cate Le Bon / Played by: Royal Scottish National Orchestra / Original soundtrack: Barry Burns / Production: Sinisa Mitrovic, Angela Murray / Text: Phil Collins, Ewan Morrison / Direction: Phil Collins

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  • Past
    Sat 23.5.2020, 21:00 / HAU Youtube Channel

“Tomorrow Is Always Too Long” will be available until 30.5. on the HAU-Youtube-Channel.


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