Phil Collins

Delete Beach

Part of the festival “The Aesthetics of Resistance – Peter Weiss 100”


Lemming or Burner — how will they remember you? “Delete Beach“ is a futuristic tale set in the near future of a schoolgirl who joins an anti-capitalist resistance group. In a society in which carbon-based energy is outlawed but which continues to toil under the regime of expansion and growth, petroleum is the fighters’ refuge. They smoke it, squander it and hand over their bodies to the sea, to eventually provide fuel for future struggles. Inspired by idyllic Scandinavian landscapes and the eco-feminist themes which propose anime as a political genre, Collins’ new work riffs on the ongoing transformation of the beach from a trope of enjoyment and leisure to a contested site of adversity and trauma. His collaboration with STUDIO4°C, one of Japan’s leading animation studios (Tekkonkinkreet), and award winning composer Mica Levi (Under the Skin) brings to life a world at once familiar and disquietingly corroded, left unmoored of any certainty in an age after the end of oil.

For the installation at Houseclub, “Delete Beach“ is conjured up as an incongruous, melancholy shoreline, crashing in from another dimension to play host to an expanded animation environment.  


Written and Directed by: Phil Collins / Overall Animation Director and Character Design: Marisuke Eguchi / Original Soundtrack: Mica Levi / Animation: STUDIO4°C / Character Animation Director: Rie Mitake / Effects Animation Director: Bora Lee / Art Director: Yushi Honjo / CGI / Composite Director: Akiko Saito / Animation Producer: Ryohei Fujihara / Voice Actors: Mira Partecke, Robert Stadlober, Asami Yano, Kohei Aoyama / Sound Design: Jochen Jezussek / Sound effects: Katsuhiro Nahajima / Composite Studio: NAZ / Titel Design: Yui Fujimoto / Digital Mastering: Concept AV / Translation: Nao Suzuki, Stefan Döring / Production: Siniša Mitrović (Shady Lane Productions), Eiko Tanaka (STUDIO4°C), Trond Gullaksen und Kaspar Synnevåg (North Sea Productions) / Installation Design: Florian Stirnemann, raumlaborberlin mit Melanie Bouïssière / Music: Mica Levi / Intervall Animation: C A T K (Colours And The Kids) / Audio-Visual Design: Sue MacDiarmid / Lightning Design: Jackie Shemesh / Installation Manager: Anette Becker


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    Wed 28.9.2016, 18:00 /
    Thu 29.9.2016, 18:00 /
    Fri 30.9.2016, 18:00 /
    Sat 1.10.2016, 18:00 /
    Sun 2.10.2016, 18:00 /
    Tue 4.10.2016, 18:00 /
    Wed 5.10.2016, 18:00 /
    Thu 6.10.2016, 18:00 /
    Fri 7.10.2016, 18:00 /
    Sat 8.10.2016, 18:00 /


Commissioned by Bergen Assembly. Supported by Vestnorsk Filmsenter. Co-produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin) through funding provided by the German Federal Cultural Foundation within the framework of "The Aesthetics of Resistance – Peter Weiss 100".

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