Hans-Werner Kroesinger and Regine Dura

Schlachtfeld Erinnerung 1914/2014


100 min

When one thinks about the First World War in Germany, the reference points are primarily the battlefields on the Western Front. Schlachtfeld Erinnerung 1914/2014 (Battlefield of Memory 1914/2014) changes the viewpoint, examining the different national historiographies in Yugoslavia, later Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Turkey, Germany and Austria. What is remembered where and how? What images of the enemy get constructed, and what figures of identification? What role did these play in the recent way in the former Yugoslavia? Director Hans-Werner Kroesinger and filmmaker Regine Dura conducted research commissioned by the Goethe Institutes in Belgrade, Istanbul and Sarajevo. 

The world premiere at HAU Hebbel am Ufer compares the research materials acquired in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Istanbul with one another–historical newspaper articles, military reports, travel guides, person memories. The performers from the previous stations appear as  competing traveling salespeople in matters of historical interpretation. Is the attack on the Austro-Hungarian heir apparent Franz Ferdinand viewed as a terrorist act or as a revolutionary one? And is the attacker Gavrilo Princip an extremist or a hero? What was the real purpose of the alliance between Germany and the Ottoman Empire? Based on their experiences in workshop performances, directors and performers ask other questions: How does the context alter the meaning of a document? What do the various versions of history say about the present? What is the objective behind each of the narratives? 

Exhibition: “Open Spaces” by Regine Dura

open 90min before the performances

“Open Spaces” opens up to the public the research process for “Schlachtfeld Erinnerung 1914/2014” in Istanbul, Belgrade and Sarajevo, presenting it together with works by the Istanbul Workshop “Narrating War”.  The exhibition is conceived as a living archive, which provides a way to examine history in the form of a workspace.

Monday 23 June the exhibition "Open Spaces" by Regine Dura will be open one last time from 3 to 6pm. The artists Regine Dura and Hans-Werner Kreosinger will be present.
360° view of the exhibition "Open Spaces"

Following the performance on June 13, Hans-Werner Kroesinger will speak about the genesis of the play with the directors of the production venues in Belgrade and Sarajevo: the theatre scholar Borka Pavićević, director of the Centre for Cultural Contamination in Belgrade, and the documentary filmmaker and director of the Sarajevo War Theatre (SARTR) Nihad Kreševljaković. The event will be moderated by the cultural scholar and publicist Boris Buden.

Ein Projekt von Hans-Werner Kroesinger und Regine Dura. Koproduktion: Goethe-Institut, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Zentrum für Kulturelle Dekontamination (Belgrad) und Kriegstheater SARTR (Sarajevo). Förderung Recherchephase aus Exzellenzmitteln des Goethe-Instituts. Gefördert aus Mitteln des Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Gastspielförderung (BITEF/ MESS) durch das Auswärtige Amt.


With: Benjamin Bajramović, Damjan Kecojević, Lajos Talamonti, Armin Wieser / Direction: Hans-Werner Kroesinger / Dramaturgy/Open Spaces: Regine Dura / Stage/Costume design: Valerie von Stillfried / Exhibition / stage design: Dominik von Stillfried / Sound: Daniel Dorsch / Light design: Thomas Schmidt / Assistant director: Gregor Schuster / Assistant equipment: Doreen Back / Production management: Maria Kusche


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Tempelhofer Ufer 10, 10963 Berlin

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