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In times of a pandemic, going to the theatre becomes a distant memory that slowly fades away. She She Pop are unable to show “Canon” (which premiered at HAU Hebbel am Ufer in November 2019) in front of an audience. Such an uncontrolled means of transmission from an individual body to the euphoric collective of all those present is a highly questionable act at the moment. But they do vow to carry the torch on. In fragmentary accounts, they will conjure up unforgettable stage moments from memory and narrate a canon – evening for evening anew, together with their audience.

To do this, She She Pop are switching to a medium just as transient as theatre, albeit not as public and thankfully less infectious, at least in these times: individual telephone conversations. Phone tree, helpline or hotline: “Telephone Canon”isn’t a show, it’s a service. Whoever calls up will get one of the cast of “Canon” on the phone and hear about an essential moment in the performing arts. But the list is also open for your own tales and entries into the canon.


Idea and concept: Tatiana Saphir & She She Pop / With: She She Pop, Antonia Baehr, Dan Belasco Rogers, Jean Chaize, Brigitte Cuvelier, Sean Patten, Tatiana Saphir, Leicy Esperanza Valenzuela, Zelal Yesilyurt / PR, Communications: ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro / Freelance Communications: Tina Ebert / Financial Administration: Aminata Oelßner / Company Management: Elke Weber


  • Past
    Thu 14.5.2020, 20:00 / Online/Public Viewing
    Fri 15.5.2020, 20:00 / Online/Public Viewing
    Sat 16.5.2020, 20:00 / Online/Public Viewing

Further Information


All entries to the “Telephone Canon”, 14.–16.5.2020 (PDF)


How do I join “Telephone Canon”?

  1. You choose your preferred language.
  2. You wait for the right time. This hotline is switched every quarter of an hour: at 8pm / 8:15pm / 8:30pm / 8:45pm / 9pm / 9:15pm / 9:30pm.
  3. You dial one of the numbers and reach (with a little luck) a team member. (You yourself remain anonymous.)
  4. You let yourself be told about a special theatre or performance moment, and
  5. if you like, report such a memory yourself. Loose fragments and single images from one evening are enough.
  6. The narrated memories will be noted down in a list and published on this page.
  7. Almost everything that is not recounted will be forgotten.



0177 252 1745 (only on 14 May)

0177 252 1680 

0177 252 1487 

0152 1873 5871

0152 1405 6995

0152 1085 9177

0152 1484 5192

0177 252 1556 

0177 252 1560



0152 1511 3783 

0152 1754 9145 (only on 14 and 15 May)

0152 1784 1900



0177 252 1680

0177 252 1487

0177 252 1745 (only on 14 May)



0152 1754 9145 (only on 14 and 15 May)

0152 1873 5871


Production: She She Pop, HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Created as part of #HAUonline. Funded by: Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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